A portfolio is a curated collection of an individual’s or a company’s work, projects, or investments. It serves as a visual or written representation of achievements, skills, and experiences. Portfolios are often used to showcase one’s expertise, creativity, and capabilities, making them an essential tool for professionals in various fields.

1. Arumadivers Crowlerhub:

  • Specializes in scuba diving and underwater adventures.
  • Offers diving courses, guided dives, and equipment rental.
  • Located in Aruba, providing access to beautiful marine life.

2. Envie-d-Egypte Crowlerhub:

  • Focuses on Egyptian travel and tourism experiences.
  • Offers tour packages, accommodations, and local insights.
  • Helps travelers explore the rich history and culture of Egypt.

3. Hurghada Crowlerhub:

  • Concentrates on travel services in Hurghada, Egypt.
  • Provides accommodation booking, excursions, and transportation.
  • Ideal for tourists looking to explore the Red Sea region.

4. Brainbot:

  • A technology company specializing in AI and machine learning solutions.
  • Offers custom AI development and data analysis services.
  • Assists businesses in harnessing the power of artificial intelligence.

5. CodeZaZa:

  • Web development and software company.
  • Creates websites, mobile apps, and custom software solutions.
  • Helps businesses establish a strong online presence.

6. Frontroad Professionals:

  • A consultancy firm providing business and career development services.
  • Offers coaching, resume writing, and interview preparation.
  • Supports individuals in advancing their professional goals.

7. Here Is My e-card:

  • An online platform for creating and sending digital greeting cards.
  • Offers a wide range of customizable e-card templates.
  • Ideal for celebrating special occasions with personalized greetings.

8. Hare Krishna Shastri:

  • Offers spiritual and astrological guidance.
  • Provides Vedic astrology readings and consultations.
  • Helps individuals make informed life decisions.


  • A construction and real estate development company.
  • Engages in building residential and commercial properties.
  • Delivers quality infrastructure and development projects.

10. Kamal Furniture and KCM Furniture:

  • Furniture stores offering a wide range of home furnishings.
  • Provide diverse furniture options for home decor and interior design.
  • Cater to various styles and preferences.

11. Lakshya Dry Cleaner:

  • Dry cleaning and laundry services.
  • Ensures the cleanliness and maintenance of clothing and textiles.
  • Offers convenient solutions for busy individuals.

12. Lifestyle Company:

  • Offers lifestyle and wellness products.
  • Provides a range of health and beauty items.
  • Aims to enhance the overall well-being of customers.

13. Oye Beauty and Oye Busy:

  • Oye Beauty focuses on beauty and cosmetic products.
  • Oye Busy offers products for the modern, on-the-go lifestyle.
  • Both provide convenience and quality in their respective niches.

14. Sanwarya Enterprises:

  • A business dealing in various products or services.
  • The specific offerings may vary based on the enterprise’s focus.

15. S Designs Studio, Paradise Interiors, and Studio Camouflage:

  • Interior design and architecture firms.
  • Specialize in creating aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces.
  • Transform residential and commercial environments.

16. The Time Facts:

  • A platform for sharing interesting facts and information.
  • Offers educational and entertaining content to users.

17. SV Interior and Urban Cleaning Expert:

  • Interior design and cleaning services.
  • SV Interior focuses on enhancing living spaces, while Urban Cleaning Expert specializes in cleaning solutions.

18. Urban Home Appliances and Urban Services:

  • Urban Home Appliances offers home appliance solutions.
  • Urban Services encompasses various urban-based services.
  • Both aim to improve urban living standards.